Friday, January 5, 2018

WitchCraft nails: Dark magic

What magic is and how people see it is up to them. I know there are heated debates about it at all time (don't ever fall down a hole of wicca websites and forums). I don't see it as white or dark - only the color of its intent. 'Light' if it is used for good and 'dark' if it is used to harm others. 
But currently I am in a dark mood and if I could do any actual magic, I think this is how my spells would look like if they would shoot a movie about my work later :) But after making this look I realised it looks like a fancy and a bit vampy New Years / Festive look ...

source: tumblr
But at the same time these nails turned out looking like a dark galaxy. And I am quite excited about that since they look very interesting and layered. The more I turn my hand around the more my nails show new dimensions <3  

To create this dark manicure I used S-he stylezone no. 317, Essence Date in the moonlight and Catrice Steel my soul as base. The stamping plate I used is BM-XL213, in the combination with the stamping polishes Color club Beyond and BPS Black. 

source: tumblr
Stay magical ...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

NOTD: Purple metal glam

All the pretty nail art I saw online I got all hyped! So I got sucked in and decided to make some hyper glam nail art, featuring one of my favorite things: a gold + purple combination and geometric patterns. 

It was also fun to try and level out this look since the gold nail polish I used was a textured one. So it gets a bit funny when it is time to apply the stamps, since if you don't even out the base of your nail the stamp will land uneven and the pattern will be distorted. 

I used the before mentioned 3D gold nail polish LA Girl Sands of time and Golden rose 32 purple as base. The stamps are made with p2 Golden edge and BPS Lavender stamping polish. The plate I used is BP-L070. 

To see more glittery make up and nail looks visit the page Glam - express and get inspired :)

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