Sunday, December 10, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Black cat

Recently I adopted a family of stray black cats, and I decided to make nail art dedicated to them. At the same time I think it is important to raise awareness about stray animals in urban areas in the Winter months. No need to full on adopt them, but if you can offer any type of shelter or food for them, there is some good karma in it for ya for sure :) 

At the same time the black cat is the most classic familiar a witch can have, and now I have a pack of them. They make me so happy since I know nobody else wants them. To wear black on my nails is second nature to me, but when I got these water decals from BornPretty Store I was kind off worried how will they show up on the nails. I think they came out great! 

The water decals come in a few different designs and you can see them HERE. They are quite cheap and easy to use which is always a plus when you work with nail art supplies. I highly recommend them to any witch out there that wants to carry her familiar on her nails all day long. 

The base for all my nails was Essence I witch you were here, I just had to buy it since it was part of their Halloween limited edition.

* Stay magical ...



  1. Very cute nails! We have 3 cats and I want more - but boyfriend says no! I get it, he is kinda allergic to them :-p

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