Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NOTD: Fall fruits

I think a lot of people consider fruit as part of Summer designs, I keep seeing cherries and strawberries in my feed. But Fall designs keep featuring mostly foliage and vegetables. So I decided to make a look featuring some abstract fruit for this season.

I decided to choose a pale orange holo as base, a shade that perfectly fits the season. I added some black branches that feature some abstract orange fruits full of glitter. It was a very easy way to wear glitter, holo and a lot of glam in this season.

For this manicure I used Golden rose Holographic 02 nail polish. The stamps are made with BM11 stamping plate and BPS Black stamping polish. The litter dotts are made with Zoya Beatrix

But if I would use some other colors this look can be used any time of the year. Make it red, white and blue and you have a patriotic look. Use red, green and gold and the manicure will look festive and ready for the Christmas season. So keep that in mind when you are looking for inspiration in the future.

Enjoy all the Fall beauty look posted on the page Glam - express and don't forget to enter their amazing Halloween beauty contest. 



  1. Love it! I really have to get my hands on those Golden Rose holos :)

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