Saturday, October 7, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Edgar Allan Poe

It is Halloween season! So let start it with a classic! :)

I understand that books aren't cool and even less poetry - I just don't get the kids this days! Is there anything better than curling up into your favorite blanket with a good book and ignore the world? And since this collection of nail art is called WitchCraft nails with slight gothic undertone I just had to make some nail art dedicated to the Big pimp daddy mac of melancholy vibes - Edgar Allan Poe.

source: giphy

I wanted to make it look sad but also a bit gory since a lot of his stories are a bit on the bloody side. But since my favorite work by him is the Raven I need to make an homage to that work. I am so lucky that Bundle monster created a plate dedicated to him :) 

source: tumblr
For this manicure I didn't even use that many different items. Essence Caught in the middle as base. BPS Red and White stamping polishes, also BM-S241 stamping plate. 

And if you have the time check out this trailer to the movie The Raven, it was widely overlooked by my opinion. It is the story of Edgar Allan Poe but with the twist, he needs to solve the murders happening around him that were inspired by his works. 

Stay magical ...


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