Tuesday, October 17, 2017

TUTORIAL: Foxy nails

I wanted to create some cute animal themed nails for a while now. But I could not figure out what animal fits the Fall color scheme ... somehow a fox came to mind. The orange fur they have, reminds me of this time of the year. Therefore I created this cute but also low key glam look.

The most important thing you will need here are nail polishes that have round and wide brushes. For this manicure I used a lot of glittery and shimmery nail polishes since I wanted the perfect mix of classy and cute. 
The base nail polishes are Zoya Levi, Catrice Attracting camuflage and Noble nude. I also used some of them for the dot details. For the fox details I used Essence Wild white ways and Catrice Oh my goldness, they both come with thick round brushes that make the nail art easier. I also used Yes love Black and a random hair pin to make the dot details. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. I used a few different ones.
Step 2: Make a little half circle on the accent nail. Make sure to use a color that fits a fox fur. To make this circle with the brush of your nail polish. Just as if you would apply it on your nail.
Step 3: Make tiny triangles on top of the fox head. I also created some dots on the outer nails. I made them using a simple hair pin. I was careful with the application to make them in 2 sizes.
Step 4: Make 2 brush strokes with white polish. That was all I did since I had polishes with very round brushes. Add some smaller dots on top of the dots you already have.
Step 5: Make a thin line in the middle of the white spots.
Step 6: Apply 3 simple black dots to give the fox some eyes and a nose. I also made 2 more dots on each of the outside nails.

This look is suitable for any nail shape. An almond shape would suit the shape of the fox face. And if you wear a square shape than just create the fox on the other side of the nail.

How do you like this look? Does it look fancy and adorable all at the same time? I think it is a simple way to wear an accent nail. And even a newcomer to nail art you can create this look on both your hands.

For more looks visit Glam - Express.


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