Monday, August 7, 2017

TUTORIAL: Shark week nails

It is Summer time and I bet a lot of ya are spending it at the beach. The only beach I am seeing this Summer is on the show Black sails and during Shark week. OFC I didn't create this mani on time for the actual Shark week ... Story of my life. But I wore it during my personal shark week - it is how I call my special lady time of the month - since I turn into a crazy monster and there is blood everywhere :)

I know this mani looks a bit much - but it is so easy to do even a first time nail artist will have no problems creating it. What you need are pigmented and bright nail polishes and a dotting tool, and one thin brush
For the sea water background I used OPI Rich girls & po-boys, Avon Sea my nail and Kiko 295. The blood is made with Essence Kiss of the mermaid and Do you speak love? And the Shark details are made with Avon white nail art, Catrice Londons weather forecast, Essence Purple sugar and a generic black polish. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polishes, depending on what you want on them. Blue for the sea, grey for the shark.
Step 2: Apply blue in the dry brush technique, the tutorial to it is all over my blog. Make a pink part for the sharks mouth. It is just like painting an invisible small nail.
Step 3: Once more, but with a different shade of blue make more brush strokes to give the sea dimension. Create 2 big black dots on the edge of the nail, make sure a part of the dotting tool is off the edge. 
Step 4: Make random thin white strokes all over the blue nails, to give the sea some foam and waves. Create small white dots in the eyes of the shark to give it life. 
Step 5: Start making thick and big dark red dots on your blue nails. We will stack them in layers so they seem like actual blood in the water. Use the white nail polish to trace the edge of the pink mouth. It will help with finishing the teeth later. Create 2 small triangles on the top of the mouth, they will be guidelines on how to set the other teeth in his mouth. 
Step 6: Make these same triangles down the line of his mouth. Also add more big red dots, they will be the base.
Step 7: Paint in the white triangles. If you think you can't do it, just use your dotting tool. Now it is time to add even more red dots with the bright polish. But make sure they are in clusters and of different sizes, so it looks like blood in the sea is dissolving. 
Step 8: Time for clean up, if there is any since as you can see there isn't much of a mess. Also apply a generous coat of top coat, since the nail art techniques used here can dry quite bumpy and unevenly. 

So you can see this is very easy to make, and if you set the steps a bit differently than I did here, you can finish this very quickly. Also if you have stiletto nail shape, it will finally work for you, since it is a perfect frame for a shark head :) 

Don't forget to visit Glam - express to see more Summer beauty looks from bloggers all over the world. 


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