Tuesday, August 22, 2017

TUTORIAL: African Summer

Summer is slowly ending and I just can't get enough of the Summer heat. I know most people don't like it and it can be damaging to the environment. But I wanted to make a manicure as a thanks to the Sun for a lovely season ... Remind me to recreate this mani in December when I will be cursing the snowfall and the bitter Winter cold :)

For this manicure you will need 3 strong and opaque base colors and one sheer glittery one. I used Zoya Darcy, China glaze Home sweet house music and S-he stylezone 320 as the 3 opaque base polishes. And I used Zoya Linds as the sheer glittery one. I know Zoya is a bit on the pricey side, but you can get sheer glittery polishes from any type of cheaper cosmetics line. They are more common than opaque glitter polishes. I also used a black stamping polish and a stamping plate BP-L010 both from BornPretty Store. If you are in the mood feel free to free hand draw any type of hot Summer motives.  

Step 1: Apply one shade on half the nail. No need to be super precise.
Step 2: Apply the other shade, once more no need for precision.
Step 3: Apply the 3rd color, but down the middle, with a dry brush technique. It took me a couple of layers of dry brushing the red over the lines, to cover them all up and make them opaque. 
Step 4: Brush the glitter over the middle red line.
Step 5: Apply the stamps over the base gradient. 
Step 6: Time for clean up and top coat. It might need a bit more top coat since the layers of polish might dry a bit bumpy. 

I hope you like this look and take some time to appreciate all the hot weather that we are getting, since snow and the cold will be here in no time #sadface

Don't forget to visit the page Glam - express to see more Summer beauty looks. 


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  1. How how these nails look. The tutorial was very helpful to see too.


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