Friday, August 4, 2017

NOTD: Rose Quartz crystal

You all know I don't like wearing pink! I don't like anything pink. But if you tell me that pink has a meaning - maybe even a magical meaning - guys I am on board! 
Anyone who knows a bit about witchcraft or any kind of crystal healing they know that rose quartz - a light pink colored natural crystal - enhances any love spell or intent. 
And since I believe that everyone needs a bit more love in their life these nails are the perfect way to summon it without wearing a pink crystal around your neck :) 

I realize I did not 100% capture the crystals I hold in my hand. But I like how it turned out anyways. It is a great way to wear pink even if you don't like it, since you know it channels something important. In case you are wondering how I made these nails you can check the tutorial about this technique HERE. 

Also Rose Quartz is an important character in a cartoon Steven Universe that I adore. In case you want to learn more about it or my nail art dedicated to it check my nails art HERE

source: giphy
For this manicure I used a mix of Catrice Crush on matt, S-he stylezone no. 155, Essence English rose and Sinful colors Mad matter. Also a thick coat of matt top coat since I think that makes the nails look more raw crystal like. 

In case you want to see more pink inspired nail art and make up looks don't forget to check out the page Glam - express

Stay magical ...

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