Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NOTD: Dancing ponies

I love it when I own a stamping plate with the same design but inverted - as you can see from the mani below. I got this spatter pattern in both editions. And that makes it perfect if you want to create some fun background. 

I love how all this turned out - due to the colors it can work as a fancy Winter manicure, a Pastel Spring one or a neon Summer nail art. But I must admit it took a lot of gel top coat since so many details are 3D and I was afraid it will fall off. Also the 2 little ponies did not want to smooth out. I must figure out a way on how to curve these flat gold decorations. 

For this manicure I created the same gradient on all the nails. I made it using Trend it up 210, Sinful colors Cheshire cat and Mad matter. The stamps are made with BPS White and Barry M Gold foil, the plate I used is Y020 from BornPretty Store. 

When you are done here, visit the page Glam - express and check out the work of many other beauty bloggers from all over the world. 



  1. Really like the look of these nails!

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