Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TUTORIAL: Amethyst geode nail art

My recent hobby is to collect the most shiny and colorful crystals I can find. And I also noticed that there are quite a few geode inspired manicures out there. Do you guys know how rare it is for my hobbies to match the current beauty trends? So I just had to jump on this band wagon right away! 

Here is a comparison photo - this is my favorite amethyst chunk and this is where I got the idea for the colors. 

For this manicure you will need a dark matt nail polish to serve as the shell of the geode, I used Essence Moonless night. Than you need a bunch of different colors to make the layers of the crystal. I used a mix of holo, glitter and jelly shades called Color club Eternal beauty, Essence I see ice and Avon White nail art polish. You will also need at least 2 preferably textured polishes for the center of the geode. I used Zoya Lux and Carter. No top coat required this time :)

Step 1: Apply the base nail polish.
Step 2: Make vague outlines with the grey polish that will transition from the outside of the geode inside. This line will also serve as the guideline that you have to paint in.
Step 3: Make the same lines but with the white nail polish. 
Step 4: Apply the purple holo polish, so the transition from the sharp outside colors into the glitter purple ones in the center.
Step 5: Apply the dark textured glitter on the remaining space left in the middle. 
Step 6: Apply the remaining glitter in the middle, but don't over do it or it will lose the feel of the geode. Also this is the time for any clean up. As you can see there is minimal mess. No top coat required.

I think the finished look turned out quite accurate and full of different finishes and textures just like any real geode piece. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. For more glitter make up and nail art looks visit Glam - express.


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