Sunday, July 2, 2017

TUTORIAL: 4th of July nail art

Thou I live in Europe - I love the New world! A lot of times I feel like I was born on the wrong continent. . . So sometimes I feel like celebrating their holidays - since we already adopted Halloween over here, why not 4th of July? :) 

For this manicure you will need a white base nail polish, I used Essence Wild white ways. And a great basic red & blue - I used OPI Coca cola red and Barry M Blue grape. You will also need some striping tape and some star studs, I used some gold ones since I wanted a extra festive mani. You will also need a thin brush to make the fine lines if you don't want to make straight lines with your striping tape. 

Step 1: Apply white base coat.
Step 2: Add the striping tape, it will decide which part of the manicure will be blue and which will be red. 
Step 3: Start making blue stripes. But I wasn't in the mood for straight lines, so I started creating a wavy pattern. 
Step 4: Add more waves on the left and the right of the initial line. Feel free to do them any way you like. 
Step 5: Add even more lines in any fashion you want. 
Step 6: Paint the other half of your nails red.
Step 7: Take off the striping tape. The line should be visible.
Step 8:  Add the little gold stars on the red part of the nail and add a lot of top coat so they don't fall off. This is also the time to clean all your nail edges. 

I hope you will enjoy my patriotic nail art, thou it is a bit on the abstract side, but I still like it! Since there will be a lot of the literal USA flag nails out there now, but I like standing out with a nice original design. 

Don't forget to visit the page Glam - express for ever more holiday inspired beauty looks. 


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