Sunday, July 30, 2017

NOTD: Heart vs. Mind

Life is all kinds of difficult . . . I have been recently going through a lot of personal stuff and when I took the time and thought about it I figured out it is all about who to listen - your Heart of your Brain? That is what came out of it - it is a bit different I know, but I wanted to tell a story. 

source: pintrest
I know the look is a bit ghoulish - just think of it as a cute pre-Halloween manicure. I wanted to use my new fun 'anatomicaly correct' stamps of a heart and brain. I free hand drawn the V.S. since I wanted to convey the idea of them being in a constant fight. At the end I added a 'dead guy' which I think is the result of the other 2 fighting. 

source: 9gag
For this manicure I used Essence Wild white ways as base. The stamping plates I used are BM-S248, BM-S316 & BM-S241 in combination with Essence stamp me!black stamping polish. For the little color pop I made some color splotches under the stamps. I used LA Girl Love notes, Catrice Cote D' Azur - Flair, Essence English rose and Kiss of a mermaid

source: google
Still a bit confused about my life in general - but I do feel a bit better in sharing my problems with ya all :) 
I hope you guys at least enjoyed all the artwork that I got inspired by and quite the few giggles, so everything wouldn't be so gloomy :) 

If this post was a bit to depressing and ghoulish for you visit the page Glam - express where you can see some more beauty and fashion posts with none of the dark 'questions about meaning of life' undertones ;)



  1. Kok so lepi <3 Also you are a strong-ass bitch that can conquer anything! <3


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