Saturday, July 22, 2017

AVON Mark. Nail art studio polish review

Consider this part 2 of my Avon Mark. nail polish review. I was so happy when I tested their new nail polishes that turned out almost flawless. And now I got the chance to review their nail art nail polishes. I command Avon for releasing a couple of nail polishes like that since they are very easy to use and appropriate for any nail enthusiast. The other part of the review will be the new Avon True nail spray, which is a virtual carbon copy of the quick drying spray I reviewed a while back. 
Now lets get started. 

I tasted out the Nail style studio mini nail art White and Gold. They both are very opaque nail polishes that dry quickly and are very well formulated, but you have to be careful that you use them in thin coats or they clump and will never dry. Below you can see the manicure I came up with. A side note the base is Avon Mark. Violaceous. 

This is a close up of the brush. It is pointed, but some of the bristles stick out a bit. So if those kind of things bother you just cut them away. I left them since they didn't bother me that much. The brushes are quite hard and sturdy so they are easy to manipulate if you make strokes or any type of nail art. You just have to be careful that you drain the brush as much as possible or it will all drip on your base.

Not only did the brushes do very good when I tried to create little stars and crosses full of straight lines. But used correctly you can use them as a dotting tool. As you can see the dots are perfectly formed and can be made in different sizes, as can be the lines. 

Lastly here is the Avon true dry spray. It comes in a very handy spray form that helps you just spray it on the manicure you created and it forces it to dry faster. It smells a bit fruity and fresh, with a few chemical undertones. Since the spray is so oily and rich in texture it instantly enriches and moisturizes your skin where ever it lands. That is always a plus, since any nail blogger can tell you that your cuticles need all the love they can get, especially i the dry winter months. 
I don't like that since if you spray your nails it will get on your skin and there it stays as a big oil blob. And the point of the spray is that you can get back to work ASAP, but that is hindered a bit. So yeah, it does dry and harden your manicure a bit faster, but the results are not immediate. Also maybe wash or wipe your hands after using it or you will drag the oil that is leftover all over your work. 

The best part of it all no matter where you are from Avon is available to you! So visit their WEB PAGE and online store. Or if you like to be more in touch with all their newest updates follow them on their social media pages:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

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