Monday, June 5, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Magic Potions

Potions were always a fun aspect of magic to me - I mean in fantasy stories they have unlimited potential. But in real life just to find the perfect bottle of rum is magic enough :) Thou I must admit any drink that comes in neon blue or blood red are something I want to try so I can pretend I am drinking a mana or health potion *nerd alert*

I was going for the 'galaxy' color scheme - blue, pink and purple. So it would seem like the essence of magic is inside each of the bottle. Guys can you see the magic on my ring finger?! LOVIN IT! 

source: tumblr

I was blessed y the Bundle monster gods and got a lot of their 'magic' plates that I put to good use now. The base is Essence White wild ways. The plates I used are BM-S242, BM-S175 and BM-XL357. The little essence spirits are made with China glaze Are you jelly?, Glow with the flow and Zoya Juvia. The stamping polish I used was BornPretty Store Black. 

Stay magical ...

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