Monday, June 12, 2017

When your nails match your make up

Trend it up is a fun new cosmetics firm that hit our market in the recent time. And when I finally got around to find a stand and choose something for myself I realized I am a big weirdo who is attracted to the same shades of beauty products no matter what they are! Meaning I went for some new polish and came out with other make up while not realizing that I bought all the same shades :)
Since they are mine now, why not make a review?

First here we have the Trend it up no. 210 nail polish. OMG! So much perfection in one little bottle! It is the most perfect neon teal - or Tiffany turquoise (whatever you want to call it). It is super shiny and very chipping resistant ( I wear it on my toes all the time) while staying a strong in your face neon. For this swatch I applied 2 coats. 

I also got this Trend it up Soft matte kajal no. 060. It is a matte light pastel teal eyeliner, that does not require any sharpening, the best kind there is in my opinion. And the other end of the pencil there is a soft sponge like tip that helps you to smudge it if you don't feel like wearing sharp and crisp eyeliners. As fun as it is, the color is not teal - which made me kind off sad, it comes in a very bright light blue color. Still a good shade, just not looking the way it looks on its packaging. I still love wearing it, due to the fact that is very long lasting on greasy skin like mine. 

Next we have Trend it up no. 190 nail polish. It choose this one since it looked like bottled magic. In bottle it looks like a dark plum purple jelly that features micro glitter that looks like it is blue but then it shifts into pink and red. Sadly the effect is a lot more subdued when you apply it on your nails. For this swatch I applied 2 coats. It is very shiny and opaque, but I do wish that the shimmer of the glitter would be more visible. 

I didn't see this at all in store, but the one lipstick I choose from this brand looks just like the polish above when you apply it on the lips.This is Trend it up Everlasting lipstick no. 050. It is an amazing matte lipstick of a nice dark berry shade. You need 2 layers for application, but it stays on your lips for quite some time and touch ups are only required if you eat, drink or smoke. I like it since it does not create a thick layer of pigment the way most liquid lipsticks do. 

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*these items were purchased by me*

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