Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tutorial: Sands of time manicure

Time to try something new and fun! I wanted to create a nice little sand, blood and glitter mix base for the pretty stamp I got from Bundle monster. I think I saw something similar somewhere and it stuck in my head. So I gave it a go - the process is fun and very easy to create. I recommend you give it a try if you are in a artistic mood. 

For this manicure you will need a good top coat - Seche Vite. The 3 colors you think will mix well also make sure at least 1 of them is very opaque. I used Golden rose no. 101, Color club Kismet and Essence From me to you. I also used BPS Black as the stamping polish and BM-S175 stamping plate. And the queen of the show is the silicone matt you need to make the art on. Mine is from the BornPretty store. But any old plastic sleeve for papers is just as good. 

Step 1: Apply a thick coat of sheer top coat nail polish. And let it dry completely.
Step 2: Apply a coat of the polish shade you want to dominate. It always helps if the brush bristles are coarse.
Step 3: Apply the other shade while the 1st one is still drying. Don't have too much polish on the brush or it will overwhelm the 1st shade. 
Step 4: Apply the 3rd polish the same way. I used a holo polish that gives the look a bit of glitz :)
Step 5: Apply another coat of the 1st shade so they all mix in again. Once more make sure there isn't too much polish on the brush or it won't mix well. Do all the steps very fast or the colors won't mix. 

Step 6: Apply some base coat and while it is still drying apply the panels of shades you created in the previous steps. Make sure the panels are completely dry, it will make them easier to peel off. At the same time it is easier to cut them apart in a shape that is easier to deal with.
Step 7: Clean up! I used a thick hard brush dipped in nail polish remover that dissolves the decals. I find it easier to deal with the left over material. Time to add any extra embellishments you want, I choose this ominous looking sand clock. 

I hope you like the end result. If you can imagine it made in blue, green and teal you get a nice sea inspired background, or made in pastels a nice Easter themed base. A fun nail art that you can reuse any time.

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