Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tutorial: Mermaid skin nails

Before there were unicorns, but since Summer is upon us everything is mermaid related right now. And the flakie trend is sweeping the nail nation. I am surprised to that since flakie nail polishes are a part of manicure land for years, but ladies are loosing their mind over the loose flakies. I don't get it! I don't like most of loose glitter type of materials. So I created this look that looks exactly as if I would use the loose glitter with only half the mess :)

I used p2 Swimming pool as the neon blue base. The flakies are a mix of 2 polishes named Revlon Heavenly and Finger paints Psychedelic hue. The stamping polish I used is BornPretty Light blue and hehe 005 stamping plate. And for the extra sexy I used a BPS mermaid charm. You will also need a make up sponge if you don't know how to capture glitter inside the polish. 

Step 1: Apply the base nail polish. 
Step 2: Apply the 1st layer of glitter. Here you either do it with fishing out the glitters, or you apply it to a make up sponge and than dab it on your nails. Whatever is your preference. 
Step 3: Apply the 2nd layer of glitter nail polish. I recommend that it is a different shape and color than the original. 
Step 4: Apply the fish scale stamp. If you don't like stamping free hand draw them, they are quite fun to draw. 
Step 5: Time to clean up and add the charm. I used a lot of nail glue to stick it on since it is a big piece. 

The trick to this manicure is to pile on as much glitter as you can, preferably a mix of flakies. And at the same time you will need a stamping polish and a base color to match, or it does not look much like mermaid skin. 

Just look at how pretty these are! And the only mess I made, was the usual with stamping, no glitter everywhere :)

For a bunch of mermaid make up looks that will match my nails visit the page Glam - express for more beauty tutorials. 


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  1. I love the look of these. I have to give it a try sometime.


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