Tuesday, June 13, 2017

BornPretty Store: Steampunk nail decorations

Guys it is Summer time! For some it means time to go to the beach and visit the seaside. But some of us are way more excited to visit all the Comic-cons and Geek-meetings! So I got lucky to get to review the BornPretty Store 3D Steampunk nail decorations. Lets head on below for a full review! 

Here you can see the close up photo of the Steampunk nail decorations, they all looks like old time gears, clock pieces, ninja throwing weapons and small saws. They all come in gold (or silver) but they are quite thick. If you want them to 100% be incorporated into your manicure you need to take the time to bend it in the shape of your nail, than cover it with a gel top coat. I didn't go that way thou - see my review below. 

As I stated above I didn't go the gel manicure route. That would make this nail art way too permanent. I decided to use the studs in the shape they came in, I did not want to bend it to the shape of my nail, thou doing that would be quite easy and recommended to anyone who has very arched nail beds. But if you use just some nail glue and a couple of very thick top coat layers the nail art will be semi - permanent without any problem.

The little box features many gears and cogs of different shapes and sizes, so no matter your nail size or your plans you can use them in different ways. If you are in a mood to create a very artsy look or a very traditional steam punk one this is a great box to own.  

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Darkest hour as base. Over it added streaks of Julep Passionate Pisces. Than I used nail art glue for each of the gears to keep them on my nails. 

So if you are on the constant hunt for nail art supplies visit Bornpretty store Nail art department and stack up on some of these beauties. And while you are there use the 

At the same time don't forget to visit their other social media sites where you can see the review of the other bloggers that work with them, or you can see their many Giveaways and New product announcements.

*these items were sent to me for my honest review*


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