Monday, May 8, 2017

Tutorial: Teal argyle manicure

I am still on the happy Spring colors train - but I wanted to go super abstract with the background and add a fancy argyle pattern on top. This is the mix of all my ideas personified - and I low key like it :)

In case you want this very softly colorful manicure you will need a white base, I used OPI Alpine snow. 3 pastels, mine are Essence Upper green side, Catrice Vanilla love and Sinful colors Mad matter. For the stamps I used BPS Teal polish and the QA24 plate. For the other supplies you will also need some stripping tape and a make up sponge

Step 0: This is just a picture of the sequence of the colors I used for this manicure. I applied it all the same, but on different parts of the nail. 

Step 1: Apply base color.
Step 2: Apply the striping tape. I choose a radial pattern. 
Step 3: Apply the mix of pastels. I added them over only the edge of the nail. Since pastels can be a bit on the sheer side, feel free to apply the gradient multiple times. 
Step 4: Remove the striping tape. And apply the gradient on the other nails. I choose to do it only on the pointy edge of my nails. 
Step 5: Apply the stamps. I choose to do that over the parts where I added the gradients.
Step 6: Clean up time! And a don't forget a lot of top coat since manicure that require striping tapes tend to be a bit more textured. 

And now you have it - a cute and fancy pattern. I must admit that the nails look a bit better in person since the different bright colors are a bit more visible then on the photos. But still I don't consider this look an all over fail. 

If you are looking for more nail art or make up tutorials feel free to visit the page Glam - express, they are a great source for tutorials from bloggers all over the world. 


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