Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tutorial: Light in the dark nail art

It is no secret that I am bit of a goth girl, meaning I have a tendency to like all things dark. The same goes for nail art, but I know I need to let more light and positivity in my life. So this is my attempt at letting more light in my life, through my nail art :) 

What you need for this manicure is a good dark opaque black, I used Tedi black. A couple of different metallic polishes. I used p2 Steel drama, Essence Purple with a purpose, China glaze Sci - fly by and Catrice In the armee glow. I also used a shimmery purple top coat named Essence Magic play of light. You will also need a make up sponge *sorry I forgot to put it in this photo*

Step 1: Apply the most light of all the colors you choose as base.
Step 2: Apply all the colors at once with the make up sponge, the best way to do that is to make small blobs of the colors randomly on the sponge, and than gently dab them on the nails. If the polishes are a bit sheer, repeat the process a couple of time to make the look opaque. 
Step 3: I added a coat of the purple shimmery top coat to make it more magical.
Step 4: Make an edge with the black polish. This is a guide line on how your nail art will progress.
Step 5: With the dry brush technique I mentioned a million times start making strokes. Start from the edge of the nail and drag the color inwards. But make sure you leave enough of the colors outside. The simplest way to do the dry brush is that you drain your nail polish brush on a piece of paper and that at the end drag it along the nail.
Step 6: Do the same all around the nail. This will get messy if you are clumsy like me.
Step 7: Time for clean up and top coat. 

This is my light in the darkness manicure. Somehow it turned more deep while I was making it, more and more I see that nail art is my therapy. It helps me to get calm and focused again, a great way to deal with life. Maybe something to try even if you don't like nail art. A new art of meditation ;)

Check out Glam - express for more beauty tutorials of all kinds, created by bloggers from all over the world. 


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  1. This tutorial was very helpful to see on how to create this manicure.


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