Sunday, May 7, 2017

Oriflame the One lipstick review

Oriflame is a staple of cosmetic quality that is on our market for years. They are known to always offer a wide range of beauty and wellness cosmetics, even accessories. So far I was never let down with their products, lets hope it stays that way :)

This is lipstick called Violet velvet from their the One collection. It is a 5 in 1 color stylist lipstick. Meaning it is made to feel featherlight on your lips, since a lot of the new lipsticks are quite heavy due to strong pigments or matt materials. Not only that, it features sunflower seeds and ricinus extracts that act as a moisturizing balm, that keeps you lips soft.

With all this healing elements the pigmentation suffers a bit. You can see the difference between the picture of the lipstick and the swatch. I was hoping it will look a bit more like the actual lipstick when applied. And the coverage is a bit tricky since it is not evenly distributed, if you have a bit dried up lips like mine. But with the second coat and some elbow grease I managed. The staying power was OK, thou I didn't expect much since it is meant to be more of a healing balm. The color is a deep dark pink berry, I was hoping for a berry violet/fuchsia shade. Still good thou <3

So this is not a lipstick you can wear all night long for a party, at least not for me. But since it has so many extra little helpers inside that make your lips feel refreshed and restored, use it as a sexy colored lip balm :)

They are a company that sells their products through catalogs and online so anyone can order this <3 In case you are interested in this line or any other visit their WEB PAGE.

But if you like social media more, visit their outlets and you can always keep in touch with their new releases: 


*this item was sent to me for my honest review*

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  1. Nice review on the lipstick. I like the color of it.


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