Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NOTD: 50 shades of Grey

I made this title as click bait. I just couldn't pass this perfect opportunity. I hate the entire thing - with the same passion as I hate the Twilight books / movies. But I wanted to make some depressing grey nails and then I saw the movie trailer on the FB feed and realized that it somehow influenced me ;) 

There is something so pretty, calming but sad at the same time on a manicure full of different shades of grey. I don't know why I connect grey with gloom, but it also calms me. And the little extra glitter glam makes it even more stunning. And all the little geometric designs make my inner control freak quite giddy :)

Still better look than most of the actual 50 shades of Gray anything! God I don't like that entire line of movies / books. I much rather celebrate the works like LOTR, Harry Potter etc. Maybe I should make more nails inspired by that? :)

For this manicure I used Essence Rebel at heart and Catrice Londons weather forecast as base. The stamps are made with Ya Qin An Grey stamping polish, and I used Essence Rebel at heart again to paint in the little parts. The plate I used was BP-L054.

Don't hate my silly little click bait title :) But feel free to visit the page Glam - express where a lot of ladies also made Make up looks inspired by the same body of work.


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