Wednesday, May 3, 2017

LootCrate - Dream crate project

Guys get ready to peer into my soul! *nightmares might follow* 
I inspired by the lovely folks from LootCrate - an amazing service that fuels the fandoms of the world with a fun twist. 
They create monthly packages full of items that correspond to the type of pop culture you like - gaming, anime and many others. It is like getting a care package from your favorite universe. Does that not sound like a dream? If you want to hear more about it from them visit their About us part of their web page.
They are quite vocal about the fact that they love to work with fans for fans, so they collect ideas about new crate content from bloggers all over the world. And I was blessed to be one of them! 
So there you have it . . . The list below is full of items I would kill for but just can't find the right victim to do it ;)

Also to any bloggers or any other nerds that like making Wishlists you can always create posts and tag LootCrate on any other social media. Or through their contacts posted on their web page. You never know when they will make your dream into reality. 

1. Ancient Alchemy Spirit board by Fiendies
They are an amazing occult shop with the most stunning designs on all their works. But this Ouija board haunts my dreams for quite a while - I think anyone can appreciate the craftsmanship on this piece of spooky art.

source: fiendies

2. Angry owl candle by Skeleton candles 
While attempting to summon the ghosts with my ouija board I would need some protection. And this candle would do the trick for sure. They even come in one of my favorite colors TEAL! We all saw the cat skeleton candle, but I love the owl one better. 

source: skeleton candles
3. Blue tea
To calm my nerves I would need some tea. And I had my eye on the magical blue tea for ages. I can't seem to find any online or anywhere for that matter that would be 100% what I want. So it is supposed to be made from the butterfly pea blossoms to achieve the magical color. I don't even care at this point if it tastes good, I just want to look cool drinking it ;)

source: google
4. Skull mason jar
Where would I drink my tea from? A skull mason jar OFC! Once more an item that is always slipping my clutches as it is always sold out when I have some money on me. Can you image how dope it would look in combination with the sexy blue liquid?

source: google
5. Supernatural anti-possession fragrance by Hot topic
To be on the safe side while calling up the ghosts, I would need some of this Supernatural anti-possession fragrance, since I just don't think a bunch of salt will do the trick ;) I am quite the fan of the show and I think this is just such an amazing product. And Hot topic is a store chain that is not available to me since I don't live in the USA. The best part? As I read the description of the item, it is made with quite feminine scents <3
souce: Hot topic
6. The complete tales and poems by Edgar Allan Poe 
And whose ghost would I be contacting? Well someone who I could have some fun conversations with - Edgar Allan Poe! Since I am not so optimistic about my summoning skills I think I would make do with this sexy edition of all his works. The book looks amazing!

source: google
Ok guys I think by now you saw enough. So what do you think? Are these items something you would be excited to receive if you ordered the 'Witchcraft edition' of LootCrate? Let me know or let them know so they can put something fun like this together for all of us :)

Don't forget to visit them on their other social media where you can follow them and all their fans :)


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