Thursday, April 27, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Pentagrams

I can't think of any other symbol on this planet that has a worst reputation than a pentagram (maybe the swastika). People relay twisted this one into something dark completely unnecessary. Day in and day out that fact makes me sad ... I just want to wear my big ass pentagram earrings without folks staring at me and thinking that I am a Satanist - and yes I realize wearing all black all the time is not helping me #eyeroll

Pentagrams can mean a lot of things - my favorite is that it represents the 5 elements. Air, fire, earth and water + spirit (the top). It was used to ward off evil it even was part of the early Christian symbol library, but then they gave it such dark connotation that they ruined it for the rest of us. But I don't care I love my pentagrams may they be turned upright or downside. 

For this manicure I wanted to make a 3D pentagram out of my nail studs, then I didn't know what to put next to it, and I decided to stack only more pentagrams around it. 2 are quite random and the pinkie one is the Supernatural tattoo the Winchesters wear. It might be the most famous one in the modern memory. 

source: tumblr
For this look I used Catrice Berry Potter & PLUMBeldore and Maybelline no. 197 black and white glitters. The stamps are made with Kiko Gold metallic polish. The plates I used are MoYou London Gothic 1 & 12, also hehe 017. The studs are all from BornPretty Store. 

Stay magical ...

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