Friday, April 14, 2017

Tutorial: Fuzzy nails

Just like crackle and textured nail polish any hard core polish collector owns some 'fuzzy glitter' nail polish that just collects dust now. I am one of those people and I always feel bad about all of these 'one season hit' nail polishes and I decided to use this one today for a fun little tutorial. 

What you will need are 2 normal polishes that are contrasting as much as possible. And one of them must be a good base for the fuzzy top coat, meaning that when you apply the fuzz it will be very visible. Therefore I choose Models own Bikini as base. The base for the fuzz is Tedi black and the fuzzy star of the show is Golden rose Impression 9. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish * I am so sorry for the tutorial pictures, but neons are so hard to take accurate photos of*
Step 2: Apply the black nail polish with the dry brush technique. Meaning that you drain 90% of all the nail polish from its brush, by rubbing it on the edge of the polish bottle or using it up on a piece of paper. I just applied it at random.
Step 3: I repeated the same process the 2nd time.
Step 4: You then apply the 'fuzzy glitter' nail polish the same way over only the black parts of the nails. If you are worried that it will smudge the base look apply a top coat in between Step 3 and Step 4. If you use the same dry brush technique with the fuzzy polish it guarantees that you get a lot of particles to work with since when you drain the polish the sheer runny base polish usually flows away.
Step 5: Time for any possible clean up and top coat time. Since the fuzzy glitter polishes sometimes tend to dry a bit textured, a top coat is a good way to smooth out your nail beds.

Here you have it! A look that looks very intimidating - but it is crazy simple to make. Feel free to make it for your self - it is crazy simple.

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