Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SweetBear Hair Review

Hello Ladies! It is time for my 2nd part of the SweetBear hair vitamins review. I already made a 1st impressions post, full of important information about the product and fun pictures, you can see HERE. 

But today it is super serious post time! Kidding! I was so happy to use these little delicious guys I decided to even make a manicure inspired by them, you guys knew this was coming since I get excited by anything that comes in a turquoise shade. 

Just a couple days after I got the bears I broke my relay long nails. It was heart breaking, but I decided to shorten them all up and keep an eye on them since I heard they are supposed to help with nail growth as well. 
Here you can see my nail growth in approx. 2,5 months. I am beyond impressed since this takes so much time with me. I was very happy to see how fast they recovered and they grew back strong, sturdy and not inclined towards chipping that is my most common problem. 

With such great results I just had to dedicate a manicure to them. <3 

In honor of my amazing nail growth I did these nails. I swear if they were pink colored I wouldn't love them as much :) But the teal got me inspired and I created these fun nails with bears and glitter since strong healthy hair & nails make me fell like such a glam doll :)

For this manicure I used OPI Alpine snow, the teal is China glaze Too yacht to handle. I think it matches the bears perfectly. The glitters are from LA Girl Nostalgic. And the little bears are made with BM-614 plate and MoYou London Princess 4 plate. 

OK but the point are the hair! My hair is a mess! It is thin, brittle and weak. But since I started eating the bears I can report that they are getting better. It took some time but the growth got a bit faster and the ends broke off less. Now I am sprouting new baby length hairs all over my head. You can also see how much they grew in the 3 months from my color difference. And I think they don't grease up as fast as they used to. Which is a big problem for me. 

The point of the tacky selfie below is that before I could never wear my hair in 2 buns and have enough left over to fall over my shoulders. So this look is proof that I got hair that is a lot stronger and just more of it, so I can rock hairstyles I could never dream of before. Thank you SweetBear hair!

This was honestly a lovely experience that I would recommend to anyone. Since they are made with all natural ingredients anyone can use them no matter what diet you are on. They taste so delicious the recommended dosage is hard to stick to. They are just a fun and healthy way to go about beauty <3

Or check out my other post about them HERE if you want to learn more technical information about them.

Don't forget to check out the SweetBear Hair web page for more information about them. They are very active on social media which always makes a product more fun since you can follow them when it comes to their promotions and new items:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

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  1. Its great to hear and see the positive results you got with it.


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