Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NOTD: Old Victorian gothic

We had a couple of rainy days here and I got a bit melancholy. So I turned to watching some movies that I had on my wait list and I discovered the masterpiece that is Crimson Peak. I decided to make a NOTD while watching the movie and this is what I came up with. 

The movie is about a love triangle in the Victorian time with a few horror movie plot twists mixed in. I am a fan of historical movies but not so much horror, thou this took my breath away since it had such beautiful cinematography.

I didn't want to make a literal reincarnation of the movie on my nails - I just wanted to capture the vibe of it all. 

The dresses and the house they live in give off a dark but glam vibe, and that was what I wanted to capture. Somehow I still got sucked in and made the accents gold since the main female lead relay has epic hair. 

source: giphy

Everything is so dark and gloomy but so beautiful - a great movie to watch even if you are not a fan of ghost movies - and well Loki is a handsome leading man - always a good thing. 

source: giphy
Since I did the mani mid movie watch it is quite simple, I didn't want to get too distracted. The base is Essence Born to sparkle. The stamps are made with p2 Golden edge and JQ-L19 plate. The dotts are made with Zoya Carter

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