Sunday, April 2, 2017

NOTD: A handfull of Easter shades

This time I decided to make a nice post with all the shades of Spring time that you need to capture the magic of Easter on the tip of your fingers. Some of the shades are classic polishes that you get to see every season, some were specifically made for this Season, and the rest are some randoms that I thought need some love. 

Here you can see their swatches side to side. From top to bottom they are:
Golden rose Carnival 05
Glam polish Hop till you drop
Models own Goose
Essence Hello Rosy
Kiko Anise

First one is Golden rose Carnival 05. It is a matt green glitter nail polish that reminds me of fresh Spring grass. It has a clear base, the glitters don't bleed and they comes in 3 different shapes (string, dot & small square). It is perfect for a textured base that you than cover over with some Easter eggs and bunny nail decals. 

I don't own a lot of indie nail polishes since they are very expansive, also recently the brands are releasing quite demure collections. I loved the good old times when indies meant crazy glitter polishes. And Glam polish made this shade named Hop till you drop which is a mix of pastel dot glitters of 3 different sizes. All suspended in a sheer base. Like the previous one it is a perfect base for additional nail art, or just put it over a demure pastel shade and you have instant 'egg like' nail art. 

This is Models Own Goose, a pastel yellow polish with black matte glitters inside. It was a part of their Spring Easter collection, where all the polishes feature the same glitter and pastel shade. Since the end result looks like song bird eggs. And they are not the only brand with collections like this so you can find them in any beauty store. But since they are pastel base you will need to apply more than one coat of the polish since they are notoriously sheer. 

Here is Essence Hello Rosy. I choose it since I didn't want to feature a classic baby pink shade. I choose this strawberry ice cream and a bit dirty pink shade with a light pink metallic shimmer and some dark pink glitters inside. It still fits in the range of Spring colors. Finger licking delicious shade! And this brand is available all over the world. 

The last one is Kiko Anise from their Cupcake collection. It is a very textured polish that features baby blue, white and dark blue grains that form it. I kept it raw here, but you can always use some top coat over polishes like this to smooth them out and make them shiny. This one was part of the limited collection, but if you know of a store with some oldie goldie supplies or a good blog sale you can still find polishes like this, since textured polishes have gone quite out of style. 

A wish you all Happy Holidays, to celebrate them with other beauty bloggers visit Glam - express.


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