Tuesday, April 25, 2017

L.O.V. Nail polish review

L.O.V. is a new luxury line on our beauty markets that comes form the same firm as Essence and Catrice. So I was very excited to see it - but then I realized that this brand is just not to my liking. I can appreciate their make up since you can see the great quality, but when it comes to nail polish I was a bit underwhelmed. It must be because of my crazy polish taste, but for an upscale costumer with traditional taste in colors, this is the perfect brand :)

For my review I got these 2 beauties to play with. A classic dark almost neon pink and a 'no lamp needed' Get top coat. A great way to get a blogger hooked on a new brand :)

The pink nail polish is named Precious pink. I was very impressed by its brush, that is the perfect shape and the bristles have the perfect sturdiness that makes application a breeze. When I was making these swatches I didn't need any clean ups. And the best thing is that the polish is very highly pigmented. Meaning it took one coat of it for coverage, thou I applied 2 just to be sure. Also now I see why they are a luxury brand, since something in the formula of the color makes it stay on my nails a lot longer than the usual couple of days. I only wish they had more fun colors to choose from.  :( This one is a deep dark almost neon berry pink, full of pigment, a perfect jelly. 

The Gel top coat is truly very shiny and easy to apply. The brush here is just as amazing as in the nail polish. The drying time is very fast and there is no UV lamp required of any kind. It did help with the staying power of the polish on my nails. I think it gave it at least a couple of extra days and the tip wear came into the scene a bit later than normal. A great top coat that I will restock when I use this one up. 

Don't forget to visit their social media pages where they always keep us posted about their newest collections and post such pretty inspirational pictures.


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

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