Sunday, April 23, 2017

Essence New nail polish collections review

Guys it is no secret that I am a big fan of Essence! I don't even know where to start when it comes to praising them! Not only are their items easily affordable but the quality is great on most items. Personally I am most excited when it comes to their special collections or limited editions. And in this years Spring / Summer assortment they introduced 2 brilliant new nail polish collections that you can see below. 

I won't bore you with swatches since there are so many other more talented swatching bloggers out there. But I will show you that they both are very useful if you are a stamping fan like me. And I want to tell you more about these nail polish collections since I fell like they are a must have for any beauty enthusiast. 

As mentioned these are swatches and stamping tests, so the plates I used were BM-XL213 and BM-XL353.

Here you can see a close up of both of the polishes from the picture below, and at the same time you can see that they are both great for stamping (but only under special circumstances).

The blue one is from their Color boost collection named Instant match. A good dark almost neon blue is always a shade I gravitate towards. And I was happy to see this one in this collection since shades like that can be a bit streaky. The point of the Color boost nail polishes is that they are opaque in one coat. And this blue is like that, but you have to make sure that the coat of the polish is very thick. Which is not a problem since they dry very fast, and when they are dried up they look quite shiny. Very useful if you are a girl on the go. And it is very good to stamp over lighter shades, not so good for stamping over darker polishes.  Check out the entire Essence Color boost collection for the other colors. 

The second nail polish is part of the brand new Out of Space stories collection named Outta space is the place. The collection is a fun mix of everything you need to make a galaxy manicure, meaning there are a lot of darks, multichromes and silver glitters. And somehow the folks at Essence knew I had my eye on this shade. It is a milky white with pale pink undertones with a light blue shimmer. Pure magic! I swear this is what mermaid tears look like. I was a bit unhappy with the fact that it took 3 coats for full opacity, but it turns out that you can use it as a stamping polish for ethereal light blue stamps over dark surfaces. It doesn't work so well over light polishes. Don't forget to head on over to their Out of Space stories page to check out the other shades in this collection, so you don't get as overwhelmed as I did when I saw them in stores. 

Essence is celebrating their 15th Birthday of kicking ass and taking names in the land of cosmetics. So head on over to any of their social media sites and wish them a happy birthday, they deserve it since they fuel so any of beauty blogger addictions ;) 


*these items were send to me for my honest review*

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