Monday, April 3, 2017

Aveniro glass nail files review

Ladies I am addicted to glass nail files and today I have for you another Czech company named Aveniro where they make all your glass dreams into reality. They come form a land where glass working is part of their national tradition so you can imagine that the products are top quality. Not only that they know how to work the glass into perfection they offer you all types of embellishments for your files. They can decorate them with colors, Swarovski crystals, photo printing and so on. 

I got these 2 classic glass nail files, a normal sized one (14 cm x 1 cm) and a travel size one (9 cm x 1 cm). I don't leave the house without them. In case you are wondering what is the point of these files let me present you with all the positive sides to them:
  • They don't wear out, all you do is sterilize them form time to time and you can reuse them.
  • The filing process is shorter since they work very fast.
  • They work great on the nails and on the skin.
  • They can be used on fake or real nails. 
  • With proper usage they stop the peeling and chipping of your nail edges.
  • They don't store any bacteria on their surface since they are made of glass.

Lastly here is the big bad boy of the bunch! This is an amazing thick glass file (11 cm x 5 cm) with 2 different coarsens, a side with a more gentle surface and a side with a very hard one. It is meant to be used for shaping and controlling the skin on your feet. We all know that skin especially on our heels turns hard and unmanageable. But with this nail file the process of shaping them back into form is quite fun and quick. Just get ready for a lot of shavings and clean up after you are done. Once more a great  way to deal with your problem areas. With the glass files you don't need to worry as much about the hygiene and efficiency, since it is guaranteed if you take care of your needs with 1 simple item. 

And in case you are worried, these glass files are made out of tempered glass which makes them very durable and easy to ship. If you were worried that they might break you can put those worries to rest. I always carry one in my purse and there isn't even a crack on it.

So head on over to the web shop Aveniro and buy your last pair of nail files you will need in this decade. And enjoy in browsing through all the possibilities they offer when it comes to personalizing their design.

Also show them some love on their FaceBook page, where you can always follow their new arrivals and discounts. 


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  1. Nice review on these. I have them too and really like them as well.


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