Thursday, April 6, 2017

Afrodita Cosmetics Cotton & Silk collection review

Today I have a special review for you! It is the Afrodita Cosmetics Cotton & Silk collection that I almost used up by now. When I first saw it I was sold on the package alone. Whenever a beauty product comes in a sexy black package I instantly love it. I do not know what cotton smells like, even thou I have cotton blossoms at home I was excited to see what is inside. And I was not disappointed. 

What I like about this collection is that the items have same or at least similar scents. So the items are cohesive in a way, which doesn't happen all the time. So lets get right to the reviews :)

First this is the Cotton flower Cream shower gel. As you know I created two other reviews of their shower gels that you can see HERE and HERE. I knew I can expect high quality. The liquid is white and creamy, easy to apply and foams up quickly. I wish the scent stayed on my skin as long as the other ones, but it still stayed with me at least a couple of hours later. The scent is quite soft and feminine, it smells fresh, but somewhere between floral and fruity. It reminds me of warm Summer nights spent under a clear starry sky, while smelling the blooming flowers. 
The product is silicone and paraben free.

Next we have Cotton & silk Cream liquid hand wash. First let me tell you how happy it makes me to see the pretty packaging each time I go and wash my hands. The soap is very similar to the shower gel above when it comes to consistency, but the scent is a lot stronger. It lingers on your hands for quite some time, so be prepared to be the weirdo who smells their hands for no reason :) As stated the scent is like the one in the shower gel, but it smells a sweeter and fresher, an amplified version of the shower gel. And it leaves your hands refreshed and moisturized, your skin soft and restored. All of these attributes are important to me as a nail art blogger whose hands and nails are under attack all the time. 

Lastly here we have Cotton & silk Hand & nail care cream. It is a watery cream that quickly absorbs in your hands and cuticles. The smell of the cream is almost identical to the shower gel. Soft, and stuck between something fruity and floral. It features cotton, silk proteins and macadamia oil, that helps with skin care, nail strength and softens the cuticles. In combination with the hand wash you get quite a nice micro spa treatment. Also this items is silicone, paraben and parafin free. 

This is an amazing collection and I can't wait to get my hands on more of the shower gels since they just launched a new line a while back! Afrodita cosmetics outdid themselves here!

If you want to follow them feel free to click on any of the links below:
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*the items were given to me as a gift*

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