Thursday, March 23, 2017

Witchcraft nails: White magic

Yes yes so far my Witchcraft nails collection featured some very dark looks. But I feel there is no need to be always brooding and gloomy. Also recently I started reading the book Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies and it kind off inspired me to do this look. Wicca seems like a lot of fun and everything I read so fun pointed me into the direction of this manicure. 

Also it is time of Spring and new beginnings, at the same time all new collections in the beauty world feature a lot of pastels and such. So why not make a nice little Spring witch manicure, with the glitter base that reminds me of Easter eggs, it is fun to mix and match Religions ;) 

Somehow this pix from a random tumblr post I stumbled upon completely captured the vibe of my nail art. I added the link to the blog below, feel free to visit it, a fun Witchy read :)

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Essence keep calm and glow on as base. The glitter I used is Glam polish Hop till you drop. The stamps are made with BPS-33 stamping plate and BPS Black stamping polish. 

Stay magical ...

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