Saturday, March 4, 2017

Witchcraft nails: Moon Phases

Yes I know everyone and their sister already wore these nails ... I am late to the party as always. But now I am here and you can't make me go home :) 

There is just something magical when you see the moon smiling at you from the sky. And when you see the phases together you just can't seem to shake the feeling there is something mystical emanating from it.

source: giphy

So I tried to make this look before - but since I suck at free hand drawing it was a miserable failure. So I thought I will never wear this look. But then my fave nail art supply store BornPretty came out with water decals of all the Moon phases. You can see it HERE! And the price is very nice as well. 

So all I did was apply my trusty Tedi black nail polish and the water decals. So simple + some extra Catrice Matt top coat. And the best part is that the water decals have a more patterns then just the ones I choose from so that means I can wear nails like these over and over again <3 

In case you want to stock up on these amazing moon decals or anything else from the BornPretty Store feel free to visit the 10% OFF CODE RJL91 at the check out <3

Stay magical ...


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