Monday, March 13, 2017

Tutorial: Fools gold

St. Patrick's day is here! And each yearr I am faced with the same problems. I am not Irish, but I do find it fun that there is a holidays dedicated to beer and whiskey. And I hate beer - so how to make nail art dedicated to whiskey? 

And why do that? I love the old stories and myths of any Nation. The story of the Leprechaun, rainbows and pots of golds ... That was what inspired me this time, and I love the fact that you can make very abstract nailart for a celebration like this. 

For this manicure I used a lot of different gold and chopper metallics to make everything seem extra opulent. I used Catrice Oh my goldness, Bronze deco and Shanghai, also Zoya Ziv. The base is a rich Models own Absinthe. The only other thing you will need is a dotting tool and maybe a matte top coat if you are feeling like you don't want a very shiny mani. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish, preferably a dark green one. 
Step 2: Create the falling gold coins pattern with the darkest polish you choose. Make it as scattered as possible, and at the same time make the dots bigger on the base of the nail as in the middle.
Step 3: Add more dots with the lighter polish. Never forget that there are always more colors to come so always keep some more room.
Step 4 and 5: Add more dots of the polishes you choose. If you overlay the colors that is gives you some extra cookie points, since that gives the look extra dimension.
Step 6: Apply a matt top coat to keep it all fun & fancy. Also this is the best time for clean up. 

I think the finished look is stunning! Full of glitter and deep dimensions but subdued with a matt top coat. 

These are some great St. Patty's Day party nails if you don't want to be very obvious about it. And why not? So many manis out there are very obvious about the theme - lets try and be a bit more mysterious about the things that inspire us to do art, even if it is a just nail art ;) 

In case you are looking for a make up look that matches this manicure visit Glam - express, and I guarantee it that you will find something nice to wear on this fun holiday. 



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