Wednesday, March 29, 2017

NOTD: Funny Easter

I created a manicure like this one year ago, but never posted it since I didn't quite like it, also I thought in a years time my nails will be longer and I will have a bit more nail real estate to work with. And just my luck! I broke my nails just in time for Easter holidays. So here we go again! But this time I love the result! It made me LOL so hard when wearing these ;)

I wanted to make a cute Easter bunny couple, with matching bows. She wears it in her hair and he as a fancy bow tie. And I wanted to add some chickens, but I don't know how chickens go together with bunnies - I am still unclear about that part of the Easter tradition. 
So I created chickens that wear carrots as ears so they can pretend to be bunnies. Aren't they just to die for? How cute and silly is this? 

For this manicure I used OPI Alpine snow as base and other white details. The black I used is Wet n Wild Darkest hour. The other colors I used were Kiko 296, Avon Orange you are, Catrice Crush on matte, Essence Meet me now, Over the rainbow, Lovely lavender and Hello Sunshine. The little bow studs are from BornPretty Store.

A wish you all Happy Holidays, to celebrate them with other beauty bloggers visit Glam - express.


Friday, March 24, 2017

NOTD: Mix and match

I wanted to make a combination of strong neons, some dark shades and pastels. While keeping the harmony of the colors and keeping up with the Spring trends. And what came out looks very interesting and vibrant. 

So what do you think? I adore the mix and match of all types of colors. Don't they remind you of a field of flowers? They sure do look like that to me - also some of the polish I used had rose patterns on the bottle as you can see. So I decided to make some subtle fence stamps since I want all the flowers to myself. The fence is full of arrows, moons and geometry that makes it seem like there is a pattern within a pattern that is always a good look ;) 

For this manicure I used the mixed gradient technique while using Morgan Taylor Don't worry be brilliant, Catrice Eve in bloom and OPI Do you lilac it?. The stamps are made with BM-S304 plate and Ya Qin Ann Gray stamping polish. 

Visit the amazing blogger platform Glam - express to see more Spring time looks from our make up and fashion bloggers.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Witchcraft nails: White magic

Yes yes so far my Witchcraft nails collection featured some very dark looks. But I feel there is no need to be always brooding and gloomy. Also recently I started reading the book Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies and it kind off inspired me to do this look. Wicca seems like a lot of fun and everything I read so fun pointed me into the direction of this manicure. 

Also it is time of Spring and new beginnings, at the same time all new collections in the beauty world feature a lot of pastels and such. So why not make a nice little Spring witch manicure, with the glitter base that reminds me of Easter eggs, it is fun to mix and match Religions ;) 

Somehow this pix from a random tumblr post I stumbled upon completely captured the vibe of my nail art. I added the link to the blog below, feel free to visit it, a fun Witchy read :)

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Essence keep calm and glow on as base. The glitter I used is Glam polish Hop till you drop. The stamps are made with BPS-33 stamping plate and BPS Black stamping polish. 

Stay magical ...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tutorial: Pineapple under the sea nails

I wanted to make some gradient nails but also keep some of my nude nails at the same time. I know I did both of these looks before here, therefore I tried to mix them together and what came out is pure mermaid magic! 

This look is quite simple to make and doesn't require a lot of special polish. Also the clean up isn't as bad as with a classic gradient manicure. I used Essence Ultra gloss top coat, All for me for the opaque base and Desert fox for the semi sheer glitter that give the nude part of the nails the effect as if they are perpetually under the sea. You will also need a make up sponge and a pineapple stud. I choose it since I binge watched some Sponge bob the other day - a good reason as any ;)

Step 1: Apply the opaque nail polish on half of the nail.
Step 2: Apply the same polish and some top coat on the edge of it, on the make up sponge. With that you create a gradient of color that vanishes into your natural nail color.
Step 3: Create a gradient using the very sheer glitter nail polish and top coat. With that your nails get the look like they are under water.
Step 4: Time for clean up. And I also added the pineapple charm, the best way is to use nail glue or gel nail polish. 

I am sorry but I simply got the 'Who lives in the Pineapple under the sea' song stuck in my head. And when I almost applied the mermaid charm on my nail - I decided to go with a pineapple. I hope you call can appreciate my whimsy :) 

All in all this manicure is very simple to make and is great for any amateur nail artist. And the best part is if you have a very sheer and glitter filled nail polish you can create this kind of magic on your nails. Think about it - if the glitter polish was red or orange based my nails would look like there is a mystical fire burning on them. 

Don't forget to visit the page Glam - express where you can see most of my work and also a make up tutorial that matches this manicure, since the talented make up bloggers there always make the most mesmerizing under the sea looks. 


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Witchcraft nails: Goth bitch

Goth bitch is mostly the term I hear behind my back - it used to hurt! But now I embraced it and I enjoy it! I got this cute gold Bitch nail decorations and I decided to use them white making a classic gothic nail art base. 

This is what I came up with. Layers of black lace, with red details, some glitter and a glaring Bitch sign. I love how these turned out! Suck it all the judgmental people out there :) 

My spirit animal that guided me thought the nail art making process ... Needles to say I was wrapped up in a Addams family movie marathon when creating this manicure. 
source: tumblr
For the manicure I used the black sheer jelly I created as base. The ring finger has Black cat lacquer Love will tear us apart as the main glittery base polish. The details are decals made with MoYou London Bridal 6 plate and BPS Black & Red stamping polishes. 

This is how I am greeted daily by my cat, same facial expression and all  :)

Stay magickal ...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Tutorial: Fools gold

St. Patrick's day is here! And each yearr I am faced with the same problems. I am not Irish, but I do find it fun that there is a holidays dedicated to beer and whiskey. And I hate beer - so how to make nail art dedicated to whiskey? 

And why do that? I love the old stories and myths of any Nation. The story of the Leprechaun, rainbows and pots of golds ... That was what inspired me this time, and I love the fact that you can make very abstract nailart for a celebration like this. 

For this manicure I used a lot of different gold and chopper metallics to make everything seem extra opulent. I used Catrice Oh my goldness, Bronze deco and Shanghai, also Zoya Ziv. The base is a rich Models own Absinthe. The only other thing you will need is a dotting tool and maybe a matte top coat if you are feeling like you don't want a very shiny mani. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish, preferably a dark green one. 
Step 2: Create the falling gold coins pattern with the darkest polish you choose. Make it as scattered as possible, and at the same time make the dots bigger on the base of the nail as in the middle.
Step 3: Add more dots with the lighter polish. Never forget that there are always more colors to come so always keep some more room.
Step 4 and 5: Add more dots of the polishes you choose. If you overlay the colors that is gives you some extra cookie points, since that gives the look extra dimension.
Step 6: Apply a matt top coat to keep it all fun & fancy. Also this is the best time for clean up. 

I think the finished look is stunning! Full of glitter and deep dimensions but subdued with a matt top coat. 

These are some great St. Patty's Day party nails if you don't want to be very obvious about it. And why not? So many manis out there are very obvious about the theme - lets try and be a bit more mysterious about the things that inspire us to do art, even if it is a just nail art ;) 

In case you are looking for a make up look that matches this manicure visit Glam - express, and I guarantee it that you will find something nice to wear on this fun holiday. 


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

NOTD: Neon unicorns

I love unicorns! And they are somehow taking over the social media and other trends. But they are always represented with light pastels and a very colorful palette. I wanted to make a manicure that matches the classic look and adds in some neons since I miss Summer more each day. 

This is what I came up with and I fell in love with it. I wanted some kawaii fat unicorns skipping from cloud to cloud being cute. And since I was lucky enough to get he new Bundle monster Unicorn plate I had plenty of designs to choose from. Not only that! I can't express enough how amazing their Quick dry stamping friendly top coat is! Ladies if you are a big stamping fan like me this is a must have in your polish arsenal. I can't believe I lived so long without it! #badblogger

source: tumblr
Look at this happy guy - a great little mascot to wear on your nails :) 

This was the YouTube clip that inspired me to do this look <3 A fun watch ;)

To create this manicure I used the same dry brush technique I showed you in my Playing cards tutorial. The base was Essence Wild white ways. The 3 colors I used are Morgan Taylor Don't worry, be brilliant, OPI I Can't cope-a-cabana and China glaze At vase value. The stamps are made with BPS White, Black and Lavender stamping polishes, the plate I used is BM-XL214

In case you are like me and always on a hunt for new beauty inspiration don't forget to visit Glam - express. There is always a great many things to discover and you can see most of my work there as well. 


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Witchcraft nails: Moon Phases

Yes I know everyone and their sister already wore these nails ... I am late to the party as always. But now I am here and you can't make me go home :) 

There is just something magical when you see the moon smiling at you from the sky. And when you see the phases together you just can't seem to shake the feeling there is something mystical emanating from it.

source: giphy

So I tried to make this look before - but since I suck at free hand drawing it was a miserable failure. So I thought I will never wear this look. But then my fave nail art supply store BornPretty came out with water decals of all the Moon phases. You can see it HERE! And the price is very nice as well. 

So all I did was apply my trusty Tedi black nail polish and the water decals. So simple + some extra Catrice Matt top coat. And the best part is that the water decals have a more patterns then just the ones I choose from so that means I can wear nails like these over and over again <3 

In case you want to stock up on these amazing moon decals or anything else from the BornPretty Store feel free to visit the 10% OFF CODE RJL91 at the check out <3

Stay magical ...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

NOTD: Nude triangles

I got this pretty bottle of Catrice nail polish from their limited edition collection called Victorian poetry. I mean can you see the beautiful print on the bottle?! I wanted to make a manicure that is inspired by that design and idea - but somehow I ended up with something completely different ... 

The Victorian style is always full of swirls and filigree, soft shapes and feminine designs. But I wanted to make a modern interpretation of it - same softness but with a dark and glam color scheme. And what is more modern and emanates strong energy then geometric patterns? 

I know the nails don't look traditionally goth and Victorian, but I think the pattern still could be somewhere in the background of a opulent old house. I love it! And I don't think it clashes with the pattern on the bottle. 
To make these nails I created a mix of nude polish and a glitter top coat. At the same time I created a decal with nail stamping. The stamp is made with black nail polish and I painted in the particles with gold. So simple but so gorgeous. 

To make these nails I used Catrice Nobel nude (the bottle I am holding in my hand) and over it I added Orly Mirrorball for extra sparkle. The triangles are made with Cici & Sisi Geometry 01 stamping plate and Essence stamp me!black stamping polish. I painted them in with Kiko Gold

Don't forget to visit Glam - express a great page full of talented beauty bloggers, that also create a lot of dark and Gothic content. 

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