Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Witchcraft nails: Rune stones

I have decided to quit a bit with my League of Legends nails, I also almost quit playing it, so the game does not inspire me as much as it used to. But with that there is a big hole in my creative heart ... Therefore I decided to post from time to time a Witch - Goth - Occult inspired manicure, since those are my current go to manicures anyways. 

And here is the 1st one of the Witchcraft manicures. I got so inspired by the adorable rune tiles pattern on the MoYou London Circus plate I just had to make a manicure around it. Also I wanted to create a fancy royal turquoise crystal base. So I ended up with these nails. And I Love them sooo much <3 

Here are some runes so you can see where my inspiration is from. They are the magical symbols that were used over and over again in old north lands for multiple purposes. But recently they are used for modern divination rituals.

source: tumblr
As I said before, the little stamp from MoYou London Circus that I used on my ring finger inspired me to make some extra free hand drawn runes. You all know that I am not very good at free hand drawing things, but luckily runes are very simple to draw. I will redo this manicure in the future I bet! 

For this manicure I used Catrice Mint me up, China glaze Too yacht to handle and p2 Golden edge as a mix for the base. The stamps are made with MoYou London Circus 7 and Festive 43 plates and the BPS Black stamping polish. I also use that polish for the free hand drawn runes. 

Stay magickal <3

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