Thursday, February 9, 2017

TUTORIAL: 3D Half moon nails

Each year I get wrapped in one nail art challenge or another, and each year there is the part where they ask for a half moon manicure. But I am not that proficient with random nail stickers and such so I did this 3D version last year. I fell in love with it! <3 It looks so glamorous to me, I decided I just had to share it with you in case any of you also don't like to deal with the classic way to create a half moon manicure. 

I wanted a nail polish that looks like a dark night sky so I used Essence Meet me at midnight. The details are made with pink Catrice Sugar shock caviar beads and multi sized white flat studs. You will also need some nail glue or a sheer gel top coat to apply and secure all the small particles.

Step 1: Apply base nail polish.
Step 2: Apply the biggest round stud in the middle of the base of your nail.
Step 3: Apply 2 smaller studs on each side of the big one. It is important that they are different sizes.
Step 4: Apply 2 more of the same studs on side of the last ones you added. 
Step 5: Apply 4 of the small caviar beads on the '4 edges' of the biggest round stud.
Step 6: Do the same in the spaces on the edges of the remaining smaller white studs.
Step 7: Apply 2 caviar beads on the edge of the design in a row. Than 2 more that trail off so it seems like you created a nice sleek crescent shape. Don't forget to use a gel top coat or nail glue for each of the steps or the little pieces will fall off very quickly. But if you constantly use generous amounts you can believe me that the manicure will last you for quite some time. 

So what do you think? Don't these nails look like some amazing midnight sky with a pale moon? I want to make this look again with some gold or silver studs that would make it even more glamorous and gaudy. 

I hope you enjoyed this slightly gloomy nail art look. And if you are looking for a make up tutorial that will match these nails, feel free to visit the amazing page Glam express.


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