Sunday, February 19, 2017

NOTD: Winter is here to stay

One of my favorite cosmetics brand named Essence releases limited edition collections all year long. But in the Winter times they always make extra collections that feature nail and hand care products since those are important in the cold times like this. And this year they got me again! I am a sucker for cute packages or a fun sales pitch. Not only did I get the hand butter I also got a nail polish to boot so the little cream won't feel lonely :)

A lot of European cosmetics brands make collections like this. Full of Winter motives that feature nail care products. Here are the 2 items I got from the Essence Winter glow collection. I got the Intensive care hand butter cream and the icy matt finish nail polish named I see ice. 

Here is the I see ice nail polish. I love matt nail polishes, and this one has the 'icy matt' finish. Which means it is a mixture of different micro glitter and grey pigments that dry matte. I am in love! It is like wearing very glamorous asphalt on your nails. For this swatch I used 2 thin coats for full coverage.

I love the bottle art <3 the snowflakes are crazy cute and I love the muddled glass that the nail polish bottle is made out of. It gives it another magical frozen effect :)

Don't get me wrong, most cosmetic companies offer hand care products all year round. But I fell like in the cold months they make all the items 'extra strong' so I usually stock up in this time of the year, and than wait until the next winter since I know there will always be more new and cute creams. 

This time I have for you a review of Essence Winter glow Intensive care hand butter called Hello, I care for you. It features shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil. All the ingredients that are fatty and moisturizing which is very important if you don't wear a lot of gloves in this time of the year. The butter has a consistency of a normal creme and it is very easy to apply. Sometimes I just add it on my cuticles and leave it on over night. It gets absorbed very fast and it does not leave any oily residue behind. It is a great way to fight the effects of the cold winter air. It comes in a cute nude color and it smells a bit sweet and powdery. It says it has a cotton milk smell, whatever that means. 

But I can't just run around with these nice smelling hands and a pretty polish. I had to add a bit of nail art to it. I used BM-S303 stamping plate and p2 Steel drama to create the mani. I also added some small silver studs and a shiny top coat. Now you can even see how this polish looks like with a glossy finish. 

Visit Glam - express to see more Winter beauty looks and how-to posts when it comes to taking care of your skin in the cold months. 


*the items were purchased by me*


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