Sunday, February 12, 2017

NOTD: Love flamingos

After 2 'non-traditional' Valentines day manicure I decided to make a super classic one. Since I didn't feel like pasting flowers all over my nails I choose flamingos as my main theme. I mean they are the perfect pink color for this season and they make little heart shapes with their necks when they kiss :) 

Also where I am from, this time of the year and all spring time is called 'when the Birds get married'. Thou we don't have flamingos, I decided to proclaim them as the official V-day animal/mascot.

They are just so cute, and in nature they come in a lot of different shades. So those are the colors I decided to work with, a bubble gum pink, a washed out red and a dirty lavender lilac shade. I added some feathers and hearts - a sprinkle of matt top coat and ended up with the most perfect and romantic looking mani <3

source: giphy

For this manicure I used OPI She's a bad muffuletta, Kiko 317 and Essence Hola, guapa to make the mixed base. The rest is made with BPS White stamping polish + the stamping plates named BM-S308, MoYou London Tropical 16 and Princess 11. 

This NOTD was created for the blogger group Glam-express, it is a great place to find inspiration and amazing beauty works of art for all over the world <3



  1. That gold flamingo nail decoration is cute! I like the design on the nails too.

  2. Waw - zelo mi je všeč tale manikira! Love it!


  3. I'm loving how you did the base for this manicure!


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