Friday, January 6, 2017

TUTORIAL: Dramatic glitter nails

I think by now you can all see that I love dramatic nails of every kind. And the combination of glitter and huge shiny rhinestones get me everytime. So I decided to show you all how to construct drama like this on your talons ;) 

You need a shimmery base polish, I choose Essie On a silver platter. Also a very dark metallic, that matches the base nail polish, I used China glaze Scandalous shenanigans. You will also need some striping tape and all kinds of rhinestones, preferably they should somehow fit the colors of the polishes. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish.
Step 2: Apply striping tape, the more lines you want, the more tape you need.
Step 3: Paint over the tape and than quickly remove it to get the best results.
Step 4: Apply the round rhinestone in the middle of the thin line. It is the center that you build around after.
Step 5: Apply the square blue stone so it touches the round one.
Step 6: Apply the long square blue rhinestone on the base of your nails.
Step 7: Apply the long square gold stone above the round gold one. Seal it all with a gel top coat, also try and use it or the nail glue each time you applied the rhinestones so you can ensure they stay on your nails the longest possible. 

There you have it! Dramatic, graphic and shiny nails that will no doubt be a great conversation starters no matter where you are. 

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  1. On a Silver Platter is my favorite Essie polish ever. Girl's gotta have some nail bling right?


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