Monday, January 16, 2017

TUTORIAL: Cracked metal nails

Metallic nail polish is known to strive for the perfect smooth surface that it is supposed to create on a manicure. But more times then I like to admit the formulas of these nail polishes are created in a way that they always leave a streaky mess on the nails. And so I decided to embrace the imperfection most metallic polishes carry and make it into a new look. 

For this manicure you need a light colored crackle polish, I used Essence Crack me! white and a good and nourishing base coat polish, I used Alessandro Nail hardner. There is no need for a colored base coat since the metallic nail polish covers everything up. The 3 metallic polishes I used are Essie Blue rhapsody, Essence Steel-ing the scene and S-he stylezone no. 030. Also you will need a make up sponge and some studs to give the look a extra pop.  

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. 
Step 2: Apply crackle nail polish. It is important to apply it on a base coat polish since otherwise they crackle doesn't crack as well. 
Step 3: Apply blobs of the 3 polishes on the make up sponge and apply it on the crackled nails. Visit my very specific tutorial on how to apply nail polish with a make up sponge HERE. 
Step 4: Clean up the edges and apply the skull stud. I recommend a generous amount of nail glue for that. It is ok if you don't use any top coat here since the point of it all is the textured look. 

And here is the finished result. I love how it turned out! I mean just look at all the subtle colors that match the little crystal skull! <3 And the colors are so light they almost look pastel and that makes this look perfect for the Spring days that always feature a lot of light romantic colors. 

This manicure was made for Glam-express a great place full of inspiration for make up looks for every season :) 



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