Sunday, January 29, 2017

NOTD: Love is dead

I wanted to make the cutest manicure with a very dramatic title since V-day is almost here and I know not all girls want to wear the tacky nail art that the nail salons offer. So if you are a bit of a rebel feel free to take this picture to your nail lady and ask her to make you some unusual nails. 

When I was deciding what to make for my dramatic and dark nails I remembered this meme, that everyone saw by now! The happy fairy skeleton - how cute and positive is he? I just adore art that is a mix of cute and creepy. I mean look at his silly and happy run :)

source: giphy
Therefore I used a classic cheezy pink and glitter base. Then I made a ribcage with a dark heart since bones need love too. I made 2 opposite colored dead angels / Cupids and another sugar skull with a heart for eye. I think it turned out so very cute, the base makes it very traditional looking, but when you see the designs up close you get the giggles after noticing the details. The funniest thing to me is the fact that the dead Cupids smile and wave at you ;)

The base nail polish is Zoya Tobey and Wet n Wild Flossy flossy glitters. The stamping polishes are Essence stamp me!white and black. I used MoYou London Explorer 8 plate for the creation of the skull decal and some red acrylic paint to color in the heart. The other stamps were made with HD03, BP-L057 and MoYou Nails 409 plates.

Don't forget to visit Glam - express a great page full of talented beauty bloggers, that also create a lot of dark and Gothic content. 



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