Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Depend Hybrid polish swatch

Depend is a lovely brand that has been in our stores for quite some time. And I am a fan since the beginning - I maybe have an issue with their nail polish amount to price ratio, but that has never stopped me from getting a unique shade they offered. Not only that - they were the 1st brand that offered an entire holo rainbow in store, the had every shade imaginable when they were available only by indie manufacturers. So this is a brand is close to my heart and I love reviewing their products. 

Today I have for you the most classic of the them all! An amazing red named I dare you, that is part of their 7day hybrid polish collection. More about it below.

As you can see from the pictures below it is the most shiny fire engine red creme nail polish. It just jumps at you with its vibrant shade. The brush is flat and has a round edge which makes the polish formula easy to work with and avoids streaking, since the polish is quite runny. For this swatch I used only 3 coats for full opacity. 

The theme here is that the polish is a hybrid. Which means it is a mix of normal nail polish formula that gives the wearer 'the gel' feel. That explains why the polish is so shiny and why it keeps on your nails for over a week and more, 

If you are interested in this brand feel free to visit their other online sources:


*the items were given to me as a gift*

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