Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BornPretty Skull Store Water decals Review

It is no secret that I am obsessed with skulls of all kinds. And BornPretty Store came through once more and got a bunch of new skull inspired water decals in stock. There is an entire line of them - 12 different patterns! And I got the chance to try one out #blessed or is it #cursed ? ;) 

Here you can see the Skull water decal (see the link for 11 other patterns). You get this sheet with 10 pictures for 0.99$ and free shipping, which sounds like a steal for me. The size of the sheet is approx. 6,4 cm x 5,3 cm in size. Which means if you have smaller nail beds like me you can use one image on 2 nails at one time. HACK on how to save up even more!

I decided to just show you the same instructions as are posted on the page from the Skull Water decals. Since I believe they said it best when it comes to how to use them. And let me tell you thou there are 5 steps, they are so easy and fun to use, it truly is a great way to do nail art for anyone.

1. Trim, clean and polish the fingernails; paint the background color on the fingernails and dry it out. 
2. Remove the film of product,cut out the patter and plunge it into water 10-20 seconds. 
3. Moisten the fingernails, stick the patter in position. 
4. Sop up the water with a paper towel and blow dry.
5. Cap with clear nail polish and blow dry. 

For this manicure I used OPI Alpine snow as base on all nails, the point is that a white base nail polish is a guarantee that the water decal will shine in its brightest colors. Then I added some stamps with an array of BornPretty Store Stamping polishes and HWH-05 plate. I added some small random skull decals I also got a while back from BornPretty store

So head on over to Bornpretty nail art store and get their water decals that are a classic must have nail art supplies for any nail artist by now. When you are shopping there don't forget to use the 10% OFF CODE RJL91 


*this item was sent to me for my honest review*

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