Sunday, January 29, 2017

NOTD: Love is dead

I wanted to make the cutest manicure with a very dramatic title since V-day is almost here and I know not all girls want to wear the tacky nail art that the nail salons offer. So if you are a bit of a rebel feel free to take this picture to your nail lady and ask her to make you some unusual nails. 

When I was deciding what to make for my dramatic and dark nails I remembered this meme, that everyone saw by now! The happy fairy skeleton - how cute and positive is he? I just adore art that is a mix of cute and creepy. I mean look at his silly and happy run :)

source: giphy
Therefore I used a classic cheezy pink and glitter base. Then I made a ribcage with a dark heart since bones need love too. I made 2 opposite colored dead angels / Cupids and another sugar skull with a heart for eye. I think it turned out so very cute, the base makes it very traditional looking, but when you see the designs up close you get the giggles after noticing the details. The funniest thing to me is the fact that the dead Cupids smile and wave at you ;)

The base nail polish is Zoya Tobey and Wet n Wild Flossy flossy glitters. The stamping polishes are Essence stamp me!white and black. I used MoYou London Explorer 8 plate for the creation of the skull decal and some red acrylic paint to color in the heart. The other stamps were made with HD03, BP-L057 and MoYou Nails 409 plates.

Don't forget to visit Glam - express a great page full of talented beauty bloggers, that also create a lot of dark and Gothic content. 


Friday, January 27, 2017

BPS Review: Holographic pigment powder

I believe by now all of us had their mind blown by the amazing videos of ladies applying holo pigment powder to their nails, resulting in the most flawless holo manicures ever in existence. I was blown away by them all! Not only that, I was lucky enough to get my claws on that illusive and magical powder curtsy of BornPretty Store. I knew as soon as I will get that powder I will use it in a way nobody ever did before. 

The holographic pigment powder comes in 0,5g or 1g packages. They are sealed very tight and accompanied by a sponge wand that helps with the application. Also are you as in love with the little holo bag that the powder comes in, as I am? <3

The powder is very fine and it gets all over everything. Therefore be careful when you apply it, or get ready for some major clean up. To get the original full coverage look you have to apply some black nail polish as base. Over it you add some gel 'non whipe' top coat, the stickiness helps with the pigment to stay on the nail. But ... since I first saw the holo effect I was dreaming of a holo top coat. And I have tried a lot of holo nail polishes that were very sheer or 'holo top coats' and none were any good...

But if you use this Holographic pigment powder a bit differently then the instructions you end up with the best holo top coat ever! So you make your little nail art design. Then use your normal top coat that you know will be drying the longest. In that time you apply the powder, it is best if the base is dark so the holo can shine through. OMG ARE YOU SEEING THIS? I love how this turned out! 

To create this manicure I used Essence Wild white ways as the white base. I used Essence Stamp me! black and Cheeky CH49 stamping plate. Over it all I added a top coat that dries very slow and the Holo pigment powder

So if you are on the constant hunt for deals visit Bornpretty store Nail art department and stack up on some of these beauties. And while you are there use the 


*these items were sent to me for my honest review*

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

NOTD: Birdcage

Sometimes you look at a nail design and you just gloss over the design and can't see the little details nail artists put into their work. And I wanted to create something like that today - a birdcage that has trapped birds inside - but on the accent nail I created a bird that is free. Can you see it? 

I love the subtle little change in design and the optimistic message that the little free bird carries. Do you like work like that? Something that might carry a subtle messages inside?

For this manicure I used Zoya Alicia as the glittery base. The stamps are made with BPS Black and Red stamping polishes. The plate I used is MM14.

These nails were created for Glam express that is a page full of all types of cool art and beauty stuff - so head on over and check out the other talented ladies :) 


NOTD: Out of my comfort zone

When I browse the interwebs and look for NOTD inspiration I see all these clean cut - crisp - perfect looking manicures. And I tried to make a manicure looking like that - and I still don't think I made it right. . . 

But as much as I didn't expect to like this manicure - I was heartbroken when after a week it started to chip and I had to make a new one. Who knew that a basic white and black mani will steal my heart. Something about the cool geo patterns and a big fat stud on top just made me fall in love with it. Thou I am not a fan of nails made with such bright and basic colors. 

All I used here was OPI Alpine snow as base. The Essence stamp me! black stamping polish and BM-S307 stamping plate. I also added a big marble stud on top, as you can see I was quite indecisive - I almost choose the teal tear drop one. They are all from Bornpretty Store, you can see them HERE.

And I am holding here my trusty Alessandro Express nail hardner, that serves me as a great base coat, that miraculously helps with the chipping. My manicures never lasted so long before. If you want to read more about it - or any other nail care routine items I used - click HERE

If you are on the constant hunt for nail studs visit Bornpretty store Nail art store and stack up on some of these beauties. And while you are there use the 

Do you ever get surprised by the fact you like a manicure out of your comfort zone? 


*the items were purchased by me*

Saturday, January 21, 2017

BPS Review: Pocket Watch stud review

I am crazy about Alice in Wonderland - an obsession I expressed in my nail art multiple times. And I got so lucky when the lovely sellers at BornPretty Store offered to send me this cute little 3D Pocket watch nail decoration. I knew I just had to make another Alice in Wonderland manicure. 

The Pocket watch nail decoration comes in gold or silver (I choose gold), it the approx. size of 0,6cm x 1cm. Its back is flat so it is easy to apply with nail glue or gel nail polish. The details are very distinct and it does look like an old time pocket watch with roman numerals. 

It is so cute and kind off big at the same time so I was thinking maybe use it in a cute art piece later when I am done with this manicure. 

For this manicure I created a blue ombre look as base, using Kiko 340, 295 and Barry M Blue grape and Tedi Black. The glitters are Flormar 392. The stamping polish is BPS White. The plates I used are MoYou London Alice 4 and Games 1, hehe 058. All topped with the kawaii 3D pocket watch decoration

Don't forget to visit the Bornpretty store Nail art department to get your own big studs if you are a big 3D nail art deco fanatic like me - or any other nail art supply. While you are there don't forget to use the 10% OFF CODE RJL91.


*this item was sent to me for my honest review*

Friday, January 20, 2017

NOTD: Summer tribe nails

I miss the Summer! I miss the warm days, neon colors and crazy parties! So I decided to give up on all the trends and throw them out the window. I created this look in hope it will summon some warmth and happy vibes from the good old crazy party days. And this is what I came up with and I love it! They couldn't turn out any more perfect <3 <3 <3 

So all you need for a happy Summer inspired manicure are a bunch of neon polishes and here I used OPI My twin mimmy, Zoya Tobey and Zoya Charisma. I added some crazy arrow stamps that remind me of travels and a hectic state of mind you can get in your Summer breaks. I used Essence stamp me! black, the plates I used are BM-606 and BM-S308.

Do you ever do this? Just create a beauty look that reminds you of a time or place that you miss? :)

This post as created for the lovely page Glam-express which is a great spot for all beauty bloggers to swap their work :)


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BornPretty Skull Store Water decals Review

It is no secret that I am obsessed with skulls of all kinds. And BornPretty Store came through once more and got a bunch of new skull inspired water decals in stock. There is an entire line of them - 12 different patterns! And I got the chance to try one out #blessed or is it #cursed ? ;) 

Here you can see the Skull water decal (see the link for 11 other patterns). You get this sheet with 10 pictures for 0.99$ and free shipping, which sounds like a steal for me. The size of the sheet is approx. 6,4 cm x 5,3 cm in size. Which means if you have smaller nail beds like me you can use one image on 2 nails at one time. HACK on how to save up even more!

I decided to just show you the same instructions as are posted on the page from the Skull Water decals. Since I believe they said it best when it comes to how to use them. And let me tell you thou there are 5 steps, they are so easy and fun to use, it truly is a great way to do nail art for anyone.

1. Trim, clean and polish the fingernails; paint the background color on the fingernails and dry it out. 
2. Remove the film of product,cut out the patter and plunge it into water 10-20 seconds. 
3. Moisten the fingernails, stick the patter in position. 
4. Sop up the water with a paper towel and blow dry.
5. Cap with clear nail polish and blow dry. 

For this manicure I used OPI Alpine snow as base on all nails, the point is that a white base nail polish is a guarantee that the water decal will shine in its brightest colors. Then I added some stamps with an array of BornPretty Store Stamping polishes and HWH-05 plate. I added some small random skull decals I also got a while back from BornPretty store

So head on over to Bornpretty nail art store and get their water decals that are a classic must have nail art supplies for any nail artist by now. When you are shopping there don't forget to use the 10% OFF CODE RJL91 


*this item was sent to me for my honest review*

Monday, January 16, 2017

TUTORIAL: Cracked metal nails

Metallic nail polish is known to strive for the perfect smooth surface that it is supposed to create on a manicure. But more times then I like to admit the formulas of these nail polishes are created in a way that they always leave a streaky mess on the nails. And so I decided to embrace the imperfection most metallic polishes carry and make it into a new look. 

For this manicure you need a light colored crackle polish, I used Essence Crack me! white and a good and nourishing base coat polish, I used Alessandro Nail hardner. There is no need for a colored base coat since the metallic nail polish covers everything up. The 3 metallic polishes I used are Essie Blue rhapsody, Essence Steel-ing the scene and S-he stylezone no. 030. Also you will need a make up sponge and some studs to give the look a extra pop.  

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. 
Step 2: Apply crackle nail polish. It is important to apply it on a base coat polish since otherwise they crackle doesn't crack as well. 
Step 3: Apply blobs of the 3 polishes on the make up sponge and apply it on the crackled nails. Visit my very specific tutorial on how to apply nail polish with a make up sponge HERE. 
Step 4: Clean up the edges and apply the skull stud. I recommend a generous amount of nail glue for that. It is ok if you don't use any top coat here since the point of it all is the textured look. 

And here is the finished result. I love how it turned out! I mean just look at all the subtle colors that match the little crystal skull! <3 And the colors are so light they almost look pastel and that makes this look perfect for the Spring days that always feature a lot of light romantic colors. 

This manicure was made for Glam-express a great place full of inspiration for make up looks for every season :) 


Friday, January 13, 2017

NOTD: RIP kitty

Today it is Friday the 13th and I decided to show off my Black cat nail - since they were inspired by my black cat Bjorn, who tragically died recently. It hit me hard, and I am still not over it, since it happened when I was away for a month so I couldn't even say goodbye - but buddy you will always be in my heart. . . .

I did these nails when he was still alive - but I wanted to make them in a way that they look a bit creepy and dark since I always called him my little familiar. He was quite the weirdo and a drama queen as you can see from the picture below. 

Mind you I am not a cat person. So for me to get my heart stolen by a cat it must be truly special. It makes me tear up just looking at the pictures, since I know I don't have anyone to follow me around anymore.

I guess that the nail with the black cat reaching for the moon is most appropriate to describe him, since he loved to beg for food in the cutest ways possible. 
I mean just look at him - he is such a weirdo - the picture below was taken when he tried to hide from me like this - no dummy if you hide 15% of your body I can still see you. 

For this manicure I used Morgan Taylor Pink flame-ingo as base. The plates for stamping I used are BM-614, BP-L57 and Moyou London Gothic 7. The stamping polishes I used are BPS Black and white. The little moon sticker and all the 3D nail decorations I used are also all from BPS. 

I want to say he was clever but he was not - thou he could fake it, therefore here you have a picture of him solving a crossword puzzle. 

Me and my polish swapping buddy from across the sea decided to make a twin look and this is what she came up with. I was blown away since my nail art is stamping but hers is all free hand drawn. I was so happy that she decided to make it as well since she is also a cat lady. Even more positive vibes go to my little man in the beyond . . .

So I am off crying now since I miss my little man so much ...


Thursday, January 12, 2017

NOTD: Neon snowflakes

I created this gradient and then I tried to figure out what to put over it. And it hit me! Snowflakes! I did the pastel snowflakes look a bit back and it was kind off a fail . . . So I gave it a go again and EUREKA!!! 

The cold colors that are still neon enough to pop out and the white crisp stamps make these nails seem like magic to me. They capture the winter spirit in a fun way - how did I not think of this sooner? <3 

To create the gradient I used KIKO no. 389, 331 and 340 nail polishes. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! white and QA-86 plate. 

For more looks like this and many more, if you need a beauty inspiration for any season visit the site Glam - express. 

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