Wednesday, December 21, 2016

TUTORIAL: Nordic fashion

We all love the cute winter sweaters that keep us warm in the upcoming months. They usually come in all types of colors, but I decided to make a nail art inspired by them coated in dark colors that are my favorite. At the same time I added a few elements to it that will make your nails if you choose to recreate them stand out in a very unexpected way :)

For this manicure you need a dark red nail polish, which is iconic for this time of the year, I choose Zoya  Courtney. I also used 2 stamping polishes - Essence Stamp me! black and Ya Qin an Grey. The stamping plates I used are BM-416 for the Nordic pattern and BP-43 for the glam pattern that gives the manicure some extra dimension. The other 2 nail art supplies I used are small gold studs and the 'broken glass foil', I got them both from BornPretty Store. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish.
Step 2: Cut apart the 'glass foil' in any pattern you choose. I decided for the classic 'broken glass' pattern. Just apply some top coat and add the pieces on top.
Step 3: Do that on all the nails. I know it seems hard, but it is very simple to do once you started.
Step 4: Apply the black nail stamps that give your sweater another extra level.
Step 5: Apply the light colored Nordic patterns on top. Now the manicure looks a lot more in season.
Step 6: Apply the little golden studs on the edges. Before that clean up all your cuticles and add a lot of top coat to smooth out the nails. All the layers make the nails very uneven, so a top coat is a must! 

Now here we have a Nordic pattern inspired nails,with 2 extra layers that make them seem beyond magic. Can you see the shimmering blue glass pieces on the bottom? <3

Also can you see the black swirls over the glass particles? I mean have you seen a more mystical Nordic sweater? :)

For more inspiration that deals with make up or nail art world visit Glam - Express, a place full of work from beauty bloggers all over the world, 


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  1. The nails are nice. I like those gold studs you added in too.


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