Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TUTORIAL: Glitter Christmas tree decoration

Christmas decoration is a classic staple in most homes and why not make them part of your nail art as well? We keep our decorations longer and longer each year, so wear these proud even deep into January since the festive time comes only once in a year. Let me show you how to make these cute Christmas ball decorations. 

I used a lot of different nail polishes to create the look since I wanted to make a colorful statement. The base nail polish is China glaze Red-y to rave and over it I added the glittery LA Girl Animate. The balls are made with Catrice Forevergreen, PLUMdog millionare and Kiko Gold, Lavender, also Misslyn Mojito. You will also need a normal round pencil, a very thin brush, a dotting tool and some gold studs, preferably in a hollow triangle shape. 

Step 1: Apply the base jelly polish.
Step 2: Apply the glitter nail polish to make everything more festive.
Step 3: Create lines with a thin brush and the gold nail polish.
Step 4: Make the circles that will be the base. The best way to do this is to use a normal round pencil with a flat bottom and use it as an oversized dotting tool.
Step 5: Apply the gold round stud over where the gold line and the ball meet.
Step 6: Apply the gold triangle studs on each side of the round stud so it forms a little bow.
Step 7: Add a few dots of the corresponding colors to give the spheres some depth.

And there you have it! A very simple way to make this cute manicure and you don't even need any fancy nail art tools for it. So I hope you enjoyed this :)

For tutorials like this one and many more visit the page Glam - Express.



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