Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My nail care routine

I wanted to show you my nail care routine and the items I use. Since recently my nails did a 100% recovery from the pile of garbage that they were only half a year ago. Therefore I compiled all the items that I think helped me a lot to achieve the amazing results. And at the same time it is a nice list to give to your significant others and tell them to bring it all home as a nice x-mas gift to any of you who take nails seriously. 

Here you can see the items from Left to Right:
Jessica Phenom Top coat, Alessandro Express nail hardner, Essence Color and care, Jessica Phenomen oil, L'Occitane Hand cream, Alssandro Nail cream and Mont Bleu Crystal glass nail file. 

First of all here are the items I don't use all the time. The crystal nail file I only use when it is time to shape up my nails. And the benefit of glass files is that they help you seal your nail edges so they don't peel as much (which was always my biggest problem) More about it read in my review HERE
The other item here is the Jessica Phenom Oil that I used once a week. It is meant to be an intensive moisturizer that you add on the edges and cuticles of your nails. Which is important if you do a lot of nail art and clean up that dries up your edges which results in your nails being more brittle. 
Add this to your nails once a week over night and soon you will see stronger nails as a result. 

Here are the 2 hand creams I use. The L'Occitane 20% She butter hand cream is a classic staple that every manicure monster needs in her arsenal. It is a thick cream that helps with the moisture and regeneration of your hands. More about it you can read in my review HERE
The other item is Alessandro Cucumber & Melon nail cream. It is a limited edition cuticle moisturizer that I apply during manicures sometimes when I just don't have the time for the Oil treatment or I want to boost my nails in between manicures. The fresh smell and simple small packaging makes it a great companion for every day or travels abroad.

Lastly this are the polishes I use as part of my nail care routine. Firstly there is Alessandro Express nail hardener that I use as a base coat. This little guy changed my life! In combination with my Mont Bleu crystal glass nail files it made my nails indestructible. As a girl who always struggled with broken nails this is a pure miracle. If you want to read more about it please check out my full review about this magical nail hardener HERE

In the middle you can see Essence Color & Care strengthening nail polish. Mine is part of a limited edition, but they made it pafrt of their regualr line now, so anyone can get it. It is a great simple & cheap way to help your nail hardener boots its effect while getting a nice pastel green nail polish (they come in many different colors). I like this item, but it is not as effective as the Alessandro nail hardener. 

Lastly here is Jessica Final shine Phenom top coat. It is a great way to end your nail care routine, since most top coats don't work in a way that they would benefit your nails. But Jessica are kind enough to make one that helps not only to fixate the nail art but it also helps your nails recover from it all. 

I hope you enjoyed this post - I think it is important to share with you all the 'behind the scenes' from all the nail art :) Feel free to visit Glam - express if you want to see more of posts like this, or maybe just nail art :) 


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