Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mont Bleu Swarovski glass nail file review

Once more I have to share with you all a review of the most amazing and glamorous Mont Bleu crystal glass nail files. If you haven't seen my 1st post about it, there is still time to see it HERE. Guys I even got an amazing Aquarius file! #blessed :)

But today we are being a lot more fancy then usual - I have the pleasure to review Swarowski glass nail files. Can't you just smell the glamour? How pretty is the combination of matte blacks & whites, sprinkled with the shimmer of crystals? 

Here is the close up of the crystal design on top. The files come in 3 sizes, each with its own velvet sleeve that keeps them safe. They are hyper hygienic and simple to clean up. Which is important if you share your files or work in a nail salon. They come in 12 different color combinations, and just as many other combinations of crystals - there is almost an endless supply of designs. And since it is the festive time of the year - they even offer any type of costume made design. So why not print the logo of the place you work with and give them as gifts to your friends, family or clients? 

If you feel like reading more about the benefits of Crystal glass files visit my old post HERE. It is a short and concise read about all the good sites of these files that changed my nail art game! I am never going back to any other file. 

At the same time I decided to try them on fake nails. We all know that accidents (aka nail breaks) still happen and sometime you just gotta fake it until you make it. I must say they are not so effective on fake nails. The amount of work you need to put in filing fakes is exhausting. So I recommend to use them only on natural nails. But I think that is very logical since the appeal of them is to help you work with your nail edges, therefore helping with your nail problems. 

Prague the center of Czech republic was since always a focus point of glass artisans and now they must become the crystal glass nail files kings of the World!!! I just can't believe I was missing out on this for so long <3
Visit their online stores -

When you are there feel free to use the 20% off CUPON CODE named BLOG. (usable only on their E-Shop)

Also follow them on their social media - where you can see all their inspirational updates where they feature a lot of their unique items -

*the items were sent to me for my honest review*


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  1. Nice review on their glass nail files. There so pretty.


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